This furniture collection has to start the « pile syndrome », the inability fold or put clothes on the way to the most spontaneous way to collect them: lay the floor. Arrange request to compel a large number of standardized gestures and so to adapt to objects and furniture. The three furniture of this system are as receptacles for a gesture. The deposit is the norm and furniture adapt to the « through » of the user. The flocked finish, often use for coat hanger give to the furniture an anti-slip quality that allow the cloths to remain on the storage. Three types are available for different uses and positioning in the habitat between wardrobe, valet, coat rack, wall, entrance furniture or chair.


Via des écoles – Via – Paris – 2013
Typologie – Salone del Mobile – Milano – 2013
Grand prix de la création – Hotel de ville – Paris – 2015


Domus – Via des écoles